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    • Practice listening with our Casual Conversation Videos
    • Learn Chinese sentences and Chinese characters with flashcards

Mandarin Corner

The Best FREE Chinese Learning Resource for Intermediate Chinese Students (and SERIOUS beginners!)

Benefits Using of Mandarin Corner:

• Over 160 FREE Videos with Pinyin and Hanzi

• FREE Downloadable PDFs and Audio Files (mp3)

• 2500 FREE Flashcards To Practice Vocabulary and Sentences

• Over 1000 FREE Flashcards To Learn Chinese Characters of HSK 1 to 4

• No English Spoken in Our Intermediate Chinese Videos!

• Videos Can Be Studied in China Because They Are Also on and Wechat

• Four Kinds of Videos to Supercharge Your Chinese Learning:  

  1. HSK 1 to 5 Vocabulary Videos with Sentence Samples 
  2. Casual Conversation For Intermediate Chinese Students 
  3. Videos with Literal Translation For Intermediate Chinese Students
  4. Survival Chinese for Elementary Chinese Beginners

Mandarin Corner Introduction Video